What sets SIMON Test Prep apart?

Unlike other test prep providers, SIMON Test Prep is firmly grounded in curricular and pedagogic best practices.

Drawing on their extensive backgrounds as professional educators, our curriculum designers and instructors make use of research-based assessment theory, sophisticated cognitive frameworks, and advanced lesson design templates.


The ACT test is formulated around 300 specific skills called the College Readiness Standards. Every ACT question is aligned to one Standard. The SIMON Test Prep model uses this fact to identify the Standards each individual student has not yet mastered, design a differentiated learning path focused on the most achievable targets, instruct to articulated daily objectives, and assess growth via aligned benchmark exams to inform upcoming instruction.


SIMON Test Prep incorporates Assessment for Learning (AfL) in its diagnostic and formative assessments, offering timely and specific feedback to students on their progress toward mastery and creating opportunities for differentiated learning pathways.

All SIMON Test Prep practice tests are College Readiness Standards-aligned, and students are issued comprehensive reports detailing their strengths and prescribing areas for sustained focus. Benchmark tests are not just practice; they are integral to the learning process.


SIMON Test Prep tutors are current or former teachers who have expertise within their content area.

Our experience tells us that a single person cannot provide targeted support and guidance for each of the diverse content areas tested by the ACT. Thus our tutors are subject area specialists who regularly consult with each other and their supervisors to identify each student’s learning profile and to collaborate on effective strategies for maximizing growth toward a desired score.

Whether working in a classroom or one-to-one setting, SIMON Test Prep tutors give each student the attention and respect he or she deserves.

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