School Based Small Group Tutoring Gives All Students Affordable Access to Exceptional ACT Test Preparation

SIMON Test Prep stands out from other school based ACT Test Prep programs by bringing students personalized, small group instruction that is customizable and adaptable to the needs of each student.

While other programs teach a pre-packaged curriculum in a large group classroom setting, SIMON Test Prep provides small group instruction that is tailor-made for every group and adapts to the needs of each student.

What Makes SIMON Test Prep School Based Programs Unique?

  • Small Group instructional sessions of 5-8 students
  • Flexible adaptive grouping that evolves based on diagnostic and benchmark test data to align with individual student progress
  • Differentiated instruction in ACT English, Reading, Math, and Science Reasoning taught by current and former teachers who are experts in their content area
  • Additional Skills Seminars in ACT Grammar, Math, the ACT Writing Test, and Test Day Preparation to further solidify critical ACT test taking and College Readiness skills
  • Four real, full-length, proctored ACT tests administered per session including 1 diagnostic, 2 benchmark and 1 final test
  • User-friendly, data-rich test reports provided to students after each practice test
  • Six week and eight week options available to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets
    • (Six Week = 17 hours instruction plus 14 hours of practice tests)
    • (Eight Week = 24 hours instruction plus 14 hours of practice tests)
  • Identical methodology and instructional materials as used with our one-to-one tutoring delivered in a personalized, small group setting
  • Convenient school based environment easily accessible to all students

School Based Small Group Instructional Model

Students attend SIMON Test Prep sessions twice per week – once on a weekday for their small group session and once each weekend for either a Skills Seminar or to take a real, proctored ACT Practice Exam.

Weekday Small Group Sessions:

  • Students meet for 2 hours and 15 minutes one day per week for customized, differentiated small group instruction in each section of the ACT.
  • Students are divided into groups of 5-8, based on their diagnostic and benchmark test results. Groups change weekly to adapt to the most recent testing data.
  • Within their small groups students learn ACT test taking skills and strategies and receive targeted instruction (based on their evolving skill level) for the ACT English, Reading, Math, and Science Reasoning tests.
  • All sessions are taught by expert instructors who are specialists in their content area.

Weekend Skills Seminars and ACT Practice Exams:

  • Each weekend students either complete an ACT Skills Seminar or take a full length, real, proctored ACT Practice Exam
  • Skills Seminars are taught by SIMON Test Prep content area specialists and include topics such as ACT Grammar, ACT Math, the ACT Writing Test, and Test Day Preparation
  • Each time a student takes an ACT Practice Exam, at the next small group session that student receives a score report with a detailed data analysis of the test results. This data is also used to determine a student’s small group placement for upcoming sessions.

Differentiated Instruction and Teacher Attention

SIMON Test Prep School Based Tutoring programs are never “one size fits all.” Our test prep is fully interactive, utilizing small group instruction and homogeneous grouping.

Students in our School Based Programs enjoy differentiated instruction delivered by subject area experts. The curriculum is responsive and adaptive to individual student needs and each student enjoys a customized ACT Test Prep experience.





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