SIMON Test Prep one-to-one tutoring offers personalized support and a proven process that evolves with each student’s needs.

SIMON Test Prep transcends today's standard practice of "teaching test-taking strategies" and "working through missed problems." We take ACT Test Prep to a new level by doing both of these things, and then so much more.

By identifying and filling in the gaps of a student’s ACT knowledge in a systematic way, we help the student work toward mastery of each problem type present on every section of the ACT.

One-to-One Tutoring Process

Stage 1 – Diagnosis (Providing a Diagnostic Test and Test Analysis)

We begin by giving each student a diagnostic, real ACT test that is proctored and timed. We then score and perform a thorough data analysis on the test to identify which ACT College Readiness Standards (or problem types) a student has not yet mastered.

Stage 2 – Prescription (Creating the Individualized Tutoring Plan)

Based off of a student’s diagnostic test and test analysis, we generate a specific “prescription” of ACT standards in which the student is deficient so we can fill in these knowledge gaps during upcoming tutoring sessions.

This prescription includes:

  • Identifying which of the ACT standards the student needs to cover in upcoming tutoring sessions.
  • Indicating the “treatment” needed, including the selection of instructional materials the tutor will use to help the student work toward mastery of each ACT standard
  • Collaborating with the family to develop the student’s overall tutoring plan for the year in terms of duration and scope.

Stage 3 – Treatments (Conducting Tutoring Sessions and Assigning At Home Practice)

Next, the student completes a series of individualized tutoring sessions and associated homework assignments. These sessions use our one-of-a-kind, standards based curricular materials to teach ACT test taking strategies and content area skills. Lessons target the deficits identified in that specific student’s prescription; no two students will have the same curriculum.

Stage 4 – Re-checks (Conducting Proctored Benchmark Practice Tests)

In addition to attending tutoring sessions, students also take 1-2 full length, proctored ACT practice tests per month in our office.

These proctored tests are critical to our process by:

  1. Allowing us to continually collect more data, informing our understanding of a student’s progress so we may repeatedly update our “treatment plan.”
  2. Providing opportunities for a student to apply the strategies, skills, and content learned during tutoring, to refine pacing, and to build test focus and stamina under authentic testing conditions.

Individual Attention and Nurturing Support

In a one-to-one tutoring setting, students receive undivided attention from each subject area tutor.

Tutors cultivate an ongoing relationship with each student, learning that student’s strengths and challenges, and collaborating on a test taking approach that achieves results.

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